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Favorite Fall Shoes!

So Its November and I couldn’t wait to do a post on some of my favorite fall boots and booties. I have small but very cute collection of fall shoes so lets take a look.

First I have newest pair. These brown boots are from Walmart, they cost about $10 and that are snug and comfortable. They are ankle length and fit well with most of my jeans and khaki outfits.

Next are my ankle length boots from Plato’s Closet. These were used boots when I got them and now they are really a bit worn out out but I love them just the same. I spent around $10-$15 on these as well.

These boots are my knee high gently worn Steve Madden boots from Plato’s Closet as well. I wear them a lot with my jeans and sweaters.

My last pair are my thigh high boots. I had purchased them from Charlotte Russe a while ago and I absolutely adore them. I wear these a lot with my high waist jeans and long sleeve crop tops.

Share some of your favorite Fall shoes down in the comments below, and if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe!!



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