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Jaelon & Journee’s Dr. Favorite Dr. Seuss Books

Hello! How has everyone’s week been so far. Mine has been hectic. I started school two weeks ago and the work is starting to pile up. Its getting more and more tedious but I love the structure its giving me. My kids are enjoying everything in their life right now and can’t wait for the holiday season to kick in. I have their Christmas list and starting to get that together.

Every night I read to my eyes before bed. I let them both pick out a book of their choice and I read to them (with their assistance, of course). afterwards we say the lord’s prayer and I sit with them until they both fall fast asleep.

This month I wanted to share their favorite Fall books, however they left them all at my mother’s how so today I will be sharing their favorite Dr. Seuss books. (SN: I tried to get the kids to take a picture with their books but they refused, Hopefully one day I can get them to act right.)

  1. Green eggs and ham
  2. Suess-isms! A guide to life for those just starting out……and those already on their way.
  3. Ten Apples Up on top!
  4. I can read with my Eyes shut!

I hope that you guys enjoy this short blog! Comment below and share your child’s favorite books. peace and love!



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