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Setting Boundaries & Sticking to Them

How many times have you set boundaries but you never stuck to them? Instead you still allowed others to bull doze you and you kept quiet. You didn’t want to speak on it because you didn’t want to come off as rude, mean or as if you were overreacting, right? Or what if you’re just afraid of confrontation/tired of confrontation?

Well I’m here to tell you, LET PEOPLE THINK YOU”RE CRAZY!!! Setting healthy boundaries is not only good for the person setting them, but also good for the other person in the relationship. No matter what type of relationship it is, they all require a level of respect in order to sustain longevity. It allows everyone to evolve and grow as well as communicate in a healthy fashion.

Now don’t get me confused, I’m still learning what boundaries to set and how to respect others boundaries, as well as how to communicate my boundaries all together. I’m the one that lets things slide, allowing everything to build up and then I explode but because I know that about myself I can continue to work on that, so that I am a healthy communicator.

Healthy boundaries equal happiness and I for one love my happiness and my peace. Here is what setting healthy boundaries look like:

  • cutting people off who refuse to respect your boundaries no matter who they are.
  • saying no to anything that you don’t want to do no matter the reason.
  • Letting any and everyone know that you will not accept any kind of behavior.
  • stop people pleasing.
  • always putting your own happiness first before taking care of everyone else.
  • writing out your feelings if you don’t feel comfortable talking face to face.

These few things can create happiness within yourself and your relationships so that everyone can flourish within them. Remembering that setting boundaries is not about being mean but about establishing safe relationships and spaces for all involved. Setting boundaries is one of the best signs of self love in my opinion. What boundaries do you set?