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Travel Diary: New York City

I love to travel, I have a bucket list of travel places that I want to see before I leave this Earth and this week I was able to knock another city off of my list. I have always wanted to go to New York City, I even wanted to live there (thank God I changed my mind!), so when my childhood friend Lakeisha invited me to go with her I happily said yes!

We stayed in an airbnb in Brooklyn where we had a small kickback and just vibed, playing UNO and Jenga which showed to be very interesting. We were taking back shots, talking and laughing.

Harry Potter Store NYC
Harry Potty Store NYC

One of my favorite things I did was visit the Harry Potter New York Store! I really had the time of my life seeing the wands, the books, robes and all the other things! I purchased my children and myself some amazing treasures that hopefully we can keep for a long time. I visited Times Square, Union Square and Madison Square Garden.

Times Square

Now we all know I love coffee so being able to grab a cup of joe from Devocion Coffee shop in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. We enjoyed pizza from Stoned Pizza NYC and some amazing Caribbean food. I also have some authentic Japanese food which was to die for.

My last stop was before catching my flight was stopping in the Bronx to get my nose pierced! That was a treat!

Thank you for reading this weeks post and we would love for you to share a few of your travel experiences with us below in the comments.

xoxo, Brianna

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