11 things to do before I die!….


Its time to share my bucket list! Like everyone else I have a laundry list *maybe even longer* of things I want to do and accomplish before I die. Some are small and some are huge and probably cost my life, but because death is inevitable and it seems as if everyone is passing on, I have this strong passion to complete my list. so it goes, I hope you love it.

Travel: I have dreams of going to the four corners of the earth. It doesn’t help that I am a Military Brat. We lived in Germany most my adolescent life and few years into my teen years and I even got to visit PARIS!!! So its kinda in my blood. thankfully (with my sister’s push) she convinced me to go on her all girls trip to Miami so I started my journey then. Miami was checked off. this year I’m trying to make my way to San Juan Puerto Rico*cross my fingers)* some other places I’ve been dying to go to are Barcelona, Rome, Cape Town, Prague, Jamaica, Trinidad, Israel, South Africa, The Congo, London, Madrid, Berlin, Belgium, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, Colombia, Brazil I mean the list goes on and on, Literally.

Zip lining: I think it would be dope do this, its safer than bungee jumping (in my opinion) and it stills give you a rush.  Its adventurous and fun and Im gonna do it maybe this year!

Becoming a Business owner: I want to own my own company, nothing to big, at-least at at first. honestly I’ve been battling over what kind of business to start over the years but that was just an excuse on starting it from the beginning. Recently I decided to say fuck it and take the necessary steps to start my business. it will be small and manageable but I will work hard to make this happen and be successful also.

Becoming a Homeowner: One of the smartest things I could ever do for my children would be own a home. Its the start of generational wealth so before i die I want to be able buy a home to leave to my children. And also having a family for not just myself and my kids but also my grand-kids, great grand-kids, etc would just make my heart happy to know they are taken care of.

Starting a nonprofit: I wanna help people, its self explanatory.

Spoken word: its small but I am to scarred to go to a poetry club a perform but its something I always wanted to do. (shout out to Love Jones!)

Fall in Love and get married: I know what your thinking, why in the hell does this girl have love on her bucket list? I have it on here because I have loved and lost yes BUT I have never been in love, I haven’t had that  I cant live without you, everything i do is for you love, that old school last forever love. That is what I want. even tho in year 2018 it feels like I might not ever get that,I still dream. 

Swim with the dolphins: because it would be dope!

Learn to swim: its always been something I think would be fun and necessary. How else would I swim with dolphins.

Learn to speak Spanish: I mean if I’m gonna go to Barcelona it would be smart! Hola Rosetta Stone!

Practice Yoga: Granted I have attempted this already, just give me time ill get it one day.

and lastly….BE HAPPY!!!!!

That’s all for now but I’m sure I will be adding more as I accomplish whats already there! Don’t worry I will write post on each dream I accomplish!!!

xoxo, Brianna


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