Why I’m becoming a writer

Hey!, and welcome back to my blog! As many of you know I have this passion for writing. I have been working towards being a full-time writer for some time now and it finally looks like It could be going somewhere. for those who are new to my blog I thought i’d give you some back story.

I have been writing since the eighth grade. My English Teacher Ms. Cahoon made us write poetry for our eighth grade poetry contest and book and I won best poet out of my class. From there I begin writing in my notebook (It was blue with a sunflower on it) until it became completely full by my Senior year of high school. Well I lost it over the years (crying on the inside) and so I had to start a new notebook.

While in Undergraduate school I, for the first time decided to perform one of my poems “Black and Beautiful” at a school event. After that I began to write a lot more and really enjoyed it. Over the years I started to actually want to take my writing seriously and decided to self publish my poetry book Intimacy. I envision myself taking my writing career to another level so this fall I enrolled in a Masters of English program to help me in learning how to write novels.

I love reading books because they take me on adventures and discoveries that otherwise I wouldn’t get to experience. Being able to create another world for others through writing my own stories is like equivalent to becoming immortal for me and I cant wait to reach more people with my gift.

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