Book Review: Poetry De La Sōl

Hello readers, June has arrived and I wanted to begin this month with a review on a book I deem as a treasure. Poetry De La Sōl written by Lindsey Rachel. In the words of Lindsey Poetry De. La Sōl is “a collection of poetry and musings.” She couldn’t be more right.

Reading this book is so incredibly breathtaking filled with words of affirmation and comfort. It’s like a guide of self love and self preservation painted in words. Just beautiful. This poetry book is a breath of fresh air in my personal library. It was perfectly crafted to have the words flowing off of the page and into your heart and soul. Reading this book made me feel peace.

The words on these pages truly resonated with me and where I am in my life. One of my favorite lines is “my deepest desire is to live a life, filled.” I felt like she was writing this love letter to me. I loved this book and recommend you to all to purchase it and read it as well.



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