The Family Business 2

Whats up! I have been reading The Family Business 2 all week and finally finished it. It’s the second installment in the Family Business series by Carl Weber. I love this series so much in fact I read the first installment earlier this year if you’d like to read what I thought about the first one click here.

So this second book picks up where the first book left off ( DUH right) I’m gonna tell the book without telling the book. So London and Paris have their babies and the questions are being asked about who their fathers are. London’s child’s father is revealed sooner than Paris’s is. The drama gets even realer which I appreciated. The book wasn’t boring at all, however there are little bit of a time hop if you will in the story but it wasn’t hard to follow along. we got to see Vegas I little bit towards the end of the book, but you should know he is still in jail. Chippy who is my favorite female character was not to be played with AT ALL. she was about the business of her family especially since Orlando died….( That was a shock but keep reading the book) Ruby (The woman Orlando fell for in the last book) took Orlando’s son and married that horrible, no good, crime wanna be boss Vinnie Dash and had the audacity of naming Orlando’s son after that man. That really pissed me off honestly. Ruby is absolutely dense and she will believe anything Vinnie says negatively about Orlando including when he lied saying Orlando killed her brother Randy. I just rolled my eyes when she believed that. Junior (one of my favorites) found love with Sonya but the catch is she’s married and her husband is in prison upstate, probably in the same prison as Vegas.

As you know from the first book (if you read it) LC passed down the job of CEO to Orlando but danger came quick and he could not let go of the reigns so quickly, which meant no retirement in Florida with Chippy. All in all I love the book. The ending made me mad though I have to admit because I was left with more questions than answers but I guess that’s how you keep your readers coming, especially since I order the next book right after I finished this one (I know I have a problem.)

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Until next time. Peace and love.



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