Celebrating Journee

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I know I’m two days early but life has been hectic lately with all the Halloween parties, fall festivals and Journee’s birthday (she’s a Halloween baby you know!) that’s right a full blood Spooky Scorpio of the night, and her attitude shows it! Lol


Now if you were watching my Instagram stories you can probably tell, we had baby girls birthday party this past Saturday. It was definitely Harry Potter themed. I will admit to this, I’m a last minute event planner which is why I’m not in that line of  business. I waited to long to get her outfit together and someone fell through so I had to rush over to Target and get her a Hermione top and some leggings to match. 

What I did order early was her birthday cake which was so beautifully done. I ordered it from Walmart. I looked up Harry Potter cakes on Pinterest and saw this Unicorn cake with Harry’s glasses and had to have it. It was perfect for my baby girl. 

I also went out and got her a few gifts. For all the momma’s out there if you don’t have a lot of money do what I did, only buy a few cheap toys from dollar general, second hand shops ( there is nothing wrong with that) and of course Walmart. I bought my daughter some dolls and also a Hermione fluff doll. My parents got her shape blocks and my sister got her some bowling pins and a ball. 

I held her party at 3 on Saturday we sung her happy birthday and ate Rotel (which cost maybe .89 cents a can) ice cream and cake.  I got all of her decorations from Party City which was a big help. 

Babygirl was sick during this all and I had to break her fever before the party but she had a wonderful time.  She was smiling and dancing and really enjoying her self. All in all it was worth the money I spent on everything:

Harry Potter unicorn Cake: $12.95

Harry Potter decor : $24

Food: $20 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog!!! until next week!!! 

Xoxo, Brianna 






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