5 Tips for every mom

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hate that it’s coming to an end. Personally it wasn’t long enough for me. I really enjoy sleeping in and taking my sweet time getting the day started, but let’s face it even as a mom you can’t always “sleep in”. The kids want to eat, play outside, watch Tv and the list literally goes on and on.

I didn’t make it to church unfortunately because myself and my daughter’s hair was a mess. I had to wash both and style so instead after taking care of everyone’s hygiene I decided to go through a few bags of clothes that I haven’t seen in a while. I found a lot of My kids church clothes and my dresses, the sucky part…… my daughter pulls all the clothes out the bags as I put them away. *gives her the stank look* I just wanna shake her sometimes but that would be horrible. On top of that my son whines ALL THE TIME. It drives me INSANE. I know all my mommies feel the same way as I do even if your scared to admit it. We love our babies but sometimes we just don’t want to be around them all the time. I’m not ashamed to say this, not at all but just like I’m not ashamed to say I can do without my kids sometimes I’m also not ashamed to tell you mommies how I cope through the regular day of mommy duties without running away from my amazing children.

1. Praise God and Pray: everyday I praise God and give him thanks for waking my kids and myself up. I’m so grateful and blessed to have my kids in my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I haven’t mastered the art of prayer and mediation everyday yet but I’m working on it. Keeping my spirit in check means everything to me because your children feel your energy.

2: give them attention: you guys I could legitimately be in the shower and my kids will be banging on the door. Half of the time I’m like really but I will cave in. Now my son can’t go to the bathroom with me anymore *he has long been to old* but my still can so I will open up the bathroom door because in all honesty she just wants to hear mommies voice.

3. Talk to them:  sometimes when they are all in my face and won’t let me get any work done I stop everything and strike up a conversation with them. Yes a whole conversation! My son and I talk about his day and his favorite cartoons and my daughter…well she jibbers and jabbers and we all just agree. Now this undivided attention may only last for two minutes but at least their not bouncing off the walls… right!

4. It’s ok to hide: between a crying child, two kids fighting, trying to do laundry and get work done things can get hectic. Before you snap on a kid it’s okk to go to the bathroom, bedroom or even the closet for ten minutes of alone time. You need a woooossssaahhhh! I good one at that. When ten minutes are over you can back with a clear head and the situation with a level head.

5. Me time is needed: don’t you dare listen to those stepford super moms who tell you mommies can’t have me time. Your a full time mom with the world on your shoulders. Between school, work, dinner, plays, soccer, grocery runs and kissing boos boos, your tired as Hell. Go to the spa, go to dinner alone, hit the town with your girls and take that eat pray love trip. You deserve it!

I hope all my mommies enjoyed this weeks post!!

xoxo, Brianna