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How To: Revive Your Wig!

Hello everyone! How is Monday going? mine is ok, just working, going to school and being a mom. As you can imagine juggling all three of those titles I hardly ever have the time nor the money to make myself look and feel good. I love wigs but they can get expensive so I like to boil my wigs to make them last longer. I practice this hack all the time so that I look good every chance I get. One time I did it so much I was able to where that same wig for over three months and only reason why I couldn’t keep it longer was because the was on the cheaper side of the price scale. I’m no hairstylist but I love to share with people what I know. Now if some of you don’t know how to do this little trick, NO WORRIES I’ll teach you.

  1. I fill the biggest pot I have with water the set it on the stove to boil.
  2. I rinse my wig with water thoroughly.
  3. Afterwards I put conditioner in my wig and let it set for about ten minutes.
  4. I put my conditioned wig in the boiling water and let it set for about 5-10 minutes pull it out and do it again for another 5-10 minutes before pulling it out again.
  5. I take it out and set it in my bathroom to let air dry or I blow dry it.

Sometimes I want to make my straight wig curly so I’ll flexi-rods in before I put it in the boiling water.

I hope you enjoyed my tricks to the wig trade. If you have any beauty tricks you would like to share leave a comment below!



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