The Art of discovering you’re sensual femininity

My new obsession is awakening my femininity and learning how to use it to get what I want (for the greater good guys, lol). Over these last few months I have been really focused on both my spirituality & femininity. Learning how to combine both energies to and evolve into the goddess I am has become this sacred journey that I am 100% loving in this current state of my life.

Part of that journey is reading. My current read is Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction and boy is it eye opening. I would be lying if I told you that in my 20’s I thought femininity and having the ability to make men weak was completely sexual. I thought you had to have a big butt large breast and long hair. I was so wrong. Though somethings are required to captivate men those things are not necessary.

I had to learn myself and to be transparent this bit of self discovery started months before I grabbed the book. I was seeing this guy (who was all wrong for me) and he told me how I made him feel calm and that my energy was so peaceful and how I had a way of being a soothing force in his world. When I later began reading Robert Greene’s book I realized that was apart of seduction. I can’t pin down which specific seductress I am because I feel as though I am a combination of a few. I’m funny, peaceful, affectionate, easy to approach, calming, serving, and a siren when need be.

In my decision to be celibate I have been able to really see what it is about me that makes men what me. I have talked to men and my homegirls and come to the realization that I can get any man I want if I truly study my own power. The Art of Seduction is helping me to understand all facets of myself beyond sex. let me tell y’all if you can make a man feel at peace around you, HE AIN”T GOING NOWHERE unless you get rid of him yourself. (lol trust me I got the stories to prove it). I haven’t finished the whole book yet but I am definitely harboring some Charismatic, ideal, natural and siren in me.

My advice to you? Take time with yourself to discover your true goddess power and use it to attract the King of your dreams.

Have you read The Art of Seduction? if not whats stopping you? find out what kind of Seductress you are.

xoxo, Brianna

Lifestyle Blogger and writer