the best app ever!

If you don’t already know………. I love to read! my books are currently in storage because there is no room in my tiny in my parents house, so I did what any normal bookworm would do, order more! I joined a Facebook group for black girls who read and one young lady recommended a app called ThriftBooks. It is the most amazing app I have ever come across! I love it. Thrift books owns a wide variety of new and used books and movies.

Now I am a huge Nikki Giovanni fan but I haven’t been able to get my hands on her works until now. I got most of what I was searching for. They are good reads! The Titles are: Love Poems, Cotton Candy on a Rainy day, Black Feeling Black Talk Black Judgement, Blues for all the Changes, The Prosaic Soul of Nikki Giovanni, and the Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni.

I hope you enjoy the app!

until next time!

xoxo, Brianna

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