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My Virtual Vision Board: 2023!

A new year has begun and I’m so excited for what is ahead. We have so many opportunities ahead of us. So much time to accomplish things, so many moments to laugh, to grow and evolve. So many minutes to make new choices, 525,600 minutes to be exact! We have more time to be whatever it is that we want to be.

This year I decided to share my Vision board with you all! Four days in and I have come up with so many new things that I want to accomplish and improve on!

Read my list below:

  1. Continue to love God, myself, and my children
  2. Complete my Master’s Degree
  3. Complete my Tefl Certification
  4. Get my Business finances up to par (EIN, Bank account, credit card)
  5. Get started on ghostwriting company
  6. Grow my romantic relationship
  7. Move to Texas
  8. Complete my Novel and sell 1,000 copies on Amazon
  9. become successful online ESL teacher
  10. Maintain my morning routine
  11. Sell/create products for My Tiny Nook
  12. Practice Yoga regularly
  13. Buy a Home
  14. Travel
  15. Gain 5,000 IG followers by December
  16. 730 Credit score
  17. Pray everyday
  18. live in my Soft Girl Era.

What are some of your hopes and dreams for 2023? Share in the comments.

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