My non-existing breastfeeding Journey

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend has been good. Today I am gonna share my breastfeeding stories and how much of an epic fail both times were for me. Each child was different, and each reason was different so lets get into it.

Jaelon: My experience with Jaelon was so difficult. I wanted to breastfeed so bad, and that was my plan. I had talked to my doctors about it, we had a plan and I even did my own research. When Jaelon was born, I immediately began the journey, except…… Jaelon refused to latch on. They brought me a lactation nurse so she could assist me in getting him to latch on but nothing worked. He was crying and I knew he was hungry but he REFUSED to latch on. I was so sad, I felt like he just didn’t want me. finally the doctor gave me Enfamil baby formula so that he could eat, but he refused that too. Mind you guys he was 4 lbs when he was born. long story short we went through about 15 different formulas over the course of 2 weeks before we finally got him to drink and hold down the milk. Similac Sensitive and fussiness was the magic liquid. He was eating regularly and gaining weight. Happy baby, Happy mommy.

Journee: My journey with Journee ( lol, I laugh every time I say or write this) was way less dramatic. When she was born she was 5 Lbs and HUNGRY! That girl latched on to my boob so fast, and I swear she had teeth. My nipples were killing me. I was suffering but I wanted to do it so I kept doing it. We went home and she was eating ALL the time. I got on Facebook and asked my friends how they got through it. I started using this cream ( I forgot what is called) for my nipples because they were so raw. She was eating more than I could produce so I decided to do half formula and half breast milk. She was still killing my boobs so after 3 months I finally gave in and went full formula and never turned back. I started to fell guilty about it, but after awhile I realized that I was just trying to survive.

At the end of the day I applaud breastfeeding mommies and support them fully but I just couldn’t do it. Maybe Ill try again if I get lucky enough to have another baby.

Feel free to share your breastfeeding stories or bottle feeding stories with me in the comment section below.

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