Growing up an Army Brat!

Hey!!!!! OK, so today i’m going to share my childhood stories with you. For me its gonna be fun going down memory lane. I always wanted to share my experiences and all the different places I’ve had the chance to live in and visit as a child! I have to say I kind of had a bomb childhood. So let me start sharing shall I?!

baby girl Brianna

I was born in Columbia,SC in the summer of 1988 and my parents were working but they didn’t have the best jobs so I was about 1 1/2 when my dad decided to join the Army. My mom ( who was pregnant with my sister) and I moved in with my grandmother while daddy was away at boot camp and AIT (military school). When he got out of AIT we were stationed in Giessen, Germany and lived there for three years, by that time I had two sisters. We moved to Fort hood, Texas where I started and completed kindergarten and then we moved to Huntsville Alabama. We ended up living there for three years. In that time I went to two different schools, Williams Elementary and Central School.

Me at about two with my mothers friend.

We were stationed in Germany again and this time we lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I was in the Fourth grade and started school at Sembach Middle School. we lived in Germany that for 6 years. I did fourth through 8th at Sembach Middle school and started high school at what was then called Kaiserslautern American High School, KAHS ( now just KHS). While living in Germany I met some of the most amazing people and still have some of my friendships from then. As an eighth grade field trip my class spent two days in the city of love! Paris was absolutely Ahhmazing! Rode a bus there and stayed at a beautiful hotel. My mother was my chaperon (of course because there is no way she was gonna pass Paris up) I saw the real Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, and the food was to die for! This is why I wanna go back. We got to see The Louvre, and walk inside the Palace of Versailles! It was amazing.

my family before I had brothers.

Outside of Paris, we traveled all over Germany and we went to one of my favorite amusement parks , Holiday Park several times. I love their swimming pools and their white Christmas’s and lets not forget about their dope Christmas markets! I mean I could honestly go on and on about Germany but who has the time. Both of my brothers were born there as well, actually come to think of it, i’m the only one who wasn’t born in Germany (tears). We had to leave Germany after my ninth grade year because daddy got orders so, off to Louisiana we went. I cried to all my friends when we left, but that’s the life of the military family.

when we lived in Redstone Arsenal.

When we got to Fort Polk Louisiana I attended Leesville High School. At the time I hated it because my life and friends were overseas still. I made it through and May 2006 I graduated from High School ( S/O to the Class of 2006 everywhere! we are still the best.)

So it started out just me and my parents and by the time I graduated high school it became three girls, two boys, a mom and a dad. I went to six different schools and that’s not counting the college’s I’ve been to. I lived in three countries and if we’re counting up till my daddy retired, five states.

me and my mommy.

myself at ten and my brother randy.

me with our German landlords.

I hope you all enjoyed my quick synopsis of my wonderful childhood.

Make sure you leave a comment below and tell me about your childhood! I would love to hear about it!

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